• Realm Of LARP

    Created and Directed by Victor Varnado Licensed by The Nerdist Channel RealmOfLARP.com Realm of LARP is an original documentary series that follows live action role-players on a fantastic adventure… with rubber swords and plastic armor.

  • Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film!

    Produced and Directed by Victor Varnado Exec. Produced by Liam McEneaney, Michael Palitz, Victor Varnado Official Selection of the 2011 SXSW film festival. tellyourfriendsmovie.com/ Liam McEneaney, creator of Tell Your Friends! hosts the film version of his weekly comedy show, as well as interviews the film’s headliners; giving us a personal look of their transitions from …

  • The Trouble With Charlie

    A new pilot written and directed by Victor Varnado and Co-Produced by Supreme Robot Pictures and Astronaut NYC. Charlie is a puppet, but don’t call him that to his face. Finalist in the comedy Central Pilot competition 2012

  • The Awkward Comedy Show

    Created and Directed by Victor Varnado Licensed by Comedy Central AwkwardComedyShow.com The Awkward Comedy Show is a new standup performance documentary spotlighting four alternative African-American comics. It’s a film to showcase a category of black comedian rarely witnessed: the nerd variety. Awkward comedians Victor Varnado (The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Late Night with Conan O’Brien), Hannibal Buress …