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Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film!

Reggie Watts, Kristen Schaal & Kurt Braunohler, Liam McEneaney, and Christian Finnegan are among the performers in this comedy documentary that does for the current indie comedy scene wh[...]

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Two Black Guys Named Sugar

Hey Hollywood? I get that when you put a black guy in the cast of an action film or tv series with a bunch of tough white guys that the black guy has to be ornery.  But why would you name them sugar in two projects that are out at[...]

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How To Tighten a Tie

Not a lot of people know about this.  I do a side gig where I produce and direct “How To” videos for eHow. The benefits are that I get to make my own schedule, it pays really well, I hone my shooting skills and I get to hire my friends[...]

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New Weekly Show Starts tonight! NYC

Hey there, It has been a long time since I produced a live standup show.  This time I am producing it with Myka Fox and Alexis Guererros.  (I am not sure if I put enough R’s in his name.) The show is at Juke Bar in NYC on 2nd ave[...]

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