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Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film!

Reggie Watts, Kristen Schaal & Kurt Braunohler, Liam McEneaney, and Christian Finnegan are among the performers in this comedy documentary that does for the current indie comedy scene wh[...]

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What is that Editing Style Called?

While making the SHE MAY BE INSANE  music video, my initial thought was to digitally manipulate the faces for closeups so that they could have more expression. However, once I began editing the shots together I realized that the viewer (in this case me) would project emotion onto the experience[…]

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How to Make a Music Video for No Money

I decided to start making music videos for friends in order to force myself to learn more filming techniques.  I wasn’t about to run to my friends for money nor was I planning on going broke paying for music videos.  So, I came up with a list of rules before I[…]

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Where is Jessica Hyde? [or Welcome to UTOPIA]

I’m about to do you a favor. If you, like me, are always looking for something fantastic to watch and are constantly disappointed by what you find, I hope this pulls you out of that rut. Have you heard of UTOPIA? The BBC4 TV show? If you haven’t, what I[…]

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