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New Career Who Dis?

I want to start posting on my blog again. But my mentor suggested that I shouldn’t write anything for free once I’ve been paid to write. Everything that I post on the internet for free is potential lost income. I strongly disagreed with her until I thought about it and[…]

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I Got A Haircut Today

  Today I got a haircut. As you can see I was so excited about it I couldn’t stop shaking the camera. The barber and I literally talked about the weather. We weren’t trying to be pleasant and pass the time. We were trying to decipher how our current eratuc[…]

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Claudia Cogan Refused to Sleep With Me

Claudia Cogan turned me down when I hit on her.  We’ve been friends ever since. If you know Claudia, then you know she’s gay. I didn’t catch that when I first met her at a comedy show in New York. We saw each other perform.  I liked her jokes, and I[…]

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