A Woman I Met Recently Blew My Mind

I was a t a party a few days ago.  It was a Christmas dinner thing hosted by the happiest gay Korean accountant that I have ever met.

When I am at a gathering where I don’t Know everyone very well I tend to strike up conversations with couples. I think this is a great idea for two reasons.  1. The woman doesn’t feel threatened. 2. You are not ruining the guy’s “game”. and 3. Couples really want t talk to somebody else.

It wasn’t long before we were in a conversation about how when women with augmented breasts don’t get “touch-ups” enough, sometimes their breast will explode on a plane flight. (No I am not going to explain how we got there.)

Shortly after the conversations took a weird turn.

ME: Really wow! I guess that is why pregnant women can’t fly.

HER: No, I think it is mostly because of the radiation.

ME: Whatchoo talking about?

HER: There’s radiation on planes all the time. My sister is a a stewardess and they have to take breaks so they don’t get so much radiation.

ME:Um… that can;t be right.

HER: It IS right.

MEL You really believe that?

HER: Yes, I said it didn’t I?

ME: I’m going to have to go and look that up.

HER: Do it!

So I did.  I went on the internet and tried to figure out exactly how this woman was either lying or misinterpreting the facts. If there was radiation on plane that affected the crew enough that they had to take breaks from flying, don’t you think it would be more well known as a hazard of an airline job?

I do.

Anyway, i looked it up and I owe that woman an apologu for basically calling her a lia to her face.

Look at this.

Mind blown.

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