Get Paid to Learn How to Draw! #lifehack


I like to learn how to do things.  Recently my goal was to become a better artist. The problem is that in order to get good at something, you need to practice and motivation is a factor. Here’s what I did to get myself on the road to drawing every[…]

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Ironic Racism


Let me state my point of view at the top.  Ironic racism IS racism. I was invited to perform at a show in Brooklyn a weekend or two ago and I was startled at the number of comics that had jokes which I would flat out consider racist material.. I[…]

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A Quick Review of #TheChair on Starz

The Chair

How can you be a filmmaker and not get sucked into the latest “watch us be filmmakers” TV show? I actually just heard that The Chair was going to premiere on the actual day of its premiere. So on the evening of September 6th I sat down to see what[…]

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I Made a Cthulhu Game! You Can Play it for Free!


Hi there, Recently I am have had a little bit of extra time on my hands before I started working as a story producer on this new History Channel show.  I can tell you more about that when they start releasing media about the premiere, but in the meantime check[…]

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What the Heck Happened to Realm of LARP Season 2?


Hi there everyone… long time no post. Many of you out there know what Realm of LARP is and if you don’t, then here is a refresher.  It’s a show I created that I am really proud of. At one point we were revving up to do a second season.[…]

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Two Black Guys Named Sugar

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.59.56 AM

Hey Hollywood? I get that when you put a black guy in the cast of an action film or tv series with a bunch of tough white guys that the black guy has to be ornery.  But why would you name them sugar in two projects that are out at[…]

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How To Tighten a Tie

Not a lot of people know about this.  I do a side gig where I produce and direct “How To” videos for eHow. The benefits are that I get to make my own schedule, it pays really well, I hone my shooting skills and I get to hire my friends[…]

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New Weekly Show Starts tonight! NYC


Hey there, It has been a long time since I produced a live standup show.  This time I am producing it with Myka Fox and Alexis Guererros.  (I am not sure if I put enough R’s in his name.) The show is at Juke Bar in NYC on 2nd ave[…]

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Make Sure your Kickstarter project isn’t Bullsh*t.


If you are an artists, the thought of enlisting the world’s help in paying for your arty farty ideas is impossible to quell. You have no choice.  at some point you are going to think” Hey, maybe Kickstarter can help.”  And maybe you would be right?  But if you are[…]

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The End of Graphic Novel Class

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 2.37.33 PM

I had a great time at my graphic class at SVA.  The goal was to finish an eight page mini comic by then of class and with a lot of pushing I finally did it.  The thing that I liked the most about the class was seeing all the different[…]

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