Claudia Cogan Refused to Sleep With Me


Claudia Cogan turned me down when I hit on her.  We’ve been friends ever since. If you know Claudia, then you know she’s gay. I didn’t catch that when I first met her at a comedy show in New York. We saw each other perform.  I liked her jokes, and I[…]

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I Love Comedy but I Hate Comedy Clubs


When I was in high school, as you can imagine, being a black kid born with albinism brought me a lot of negative attention. In fact, sometimes people would just yell things as they walked by me in the halls to join in with the cool kids. But, as it happens[…]

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How Not to Make a “How Not to Rape Video”


A video written by myself and Kaytlin Bailey called “How Not to Rape” gathered over five thousand views, 28 “likes” and 643 “dislikes” in a few days. And now I am taking it down.  Why? because one of the cast in the video asked to be “taken out” of the[…]

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Mugged in New York


I just wanted to post this so I don’t have to keep telling this story over and over again. I was mugged by an idiot.  I am fine. I should probably just call it an attempted mugging because he failed miserable. Coming home after bar time around 5:30 am I[…]

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Behold the Glory of DARTH MAUL: Apprentice

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.10.54 AM

My favorite thing about Star Wars fan films is that fans focus on perhaps the greatest aspect of Star Wars, namely cutting people up with light sticks. T7 Productions brings us Darth Maul:Apprentice. Very little dialogue, and a marginal story about the final days of training of fan favorite and[…]

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Film Fest Panel Jerk-holes


Recently, I was asked by The New York Television Festival to appear on a panel and talk about indie TV production.  Before I opened my mouth to answer any questions I remembered an experience I had that really disappointed me at a panel SXSW in Austin Texas. I was at[…]

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How to Get Your Own TV Show – New York Television Fest


Do you want your own TV show? I suggest you submit something to New York Television Festival and here’s why. The NYTVF is to television shows as SXSW is the film, music and interactive media. It’s a big deal and you make deals (or more accurately for most people, you[…]

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What is that Editing Style Called?

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.18.25 AM

While making the SHE MAY BE INSANE  music video, my initial thought was to digitally manipulate the faces for closeups so that they could have more expression. However, once I began editing the shots together I realized that the viewer (in this case me) would project emotion onto the experience[…]

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How to Make a Music Video for No Money

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 12.01.49 PM

I decided to start making music videos for friends in order to force myself to learn more filming techniques.  I wasn’t about to run to my friends for money nor was I planning on going broke paying for music videos.  So, I came up with a list of rules before I[…]

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Where is Jessica Hyde? [or Welcome to UTOPIA]


I’m about to do you a favor. If you, like me, are always looking for something fantastic to watch and are constantly disappointed by what you find, I hope this pulls you out of that rut. Have you heard of UTOPIA? The BBC4 TV show? If you haven’t, what I[…]

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