Two Black Guys Named Sugar

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Hey Hollywood? I get that when you put a black guy in the cast of an action film or tv series with a bunch of tough white guys that the black guy has to be ornery.  But why would you name them sugar in two projects that are out at[...]

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How To Tighten a Tie

Not a lot of people know about this.  I do a side gig where I produce and direct “How To” videos for eHow. The benefits are that I get to make my own schedule, it pays really well, I hone my shooting skills and I get to hire my friends[...]

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New Weekly Show Starts tonight! NYC


Hey there, It has been a long time since I produced a live standup show.  This time I am producing it with Myka Fox and Alexis Guererros.  (I am not sure if I put enough R’s in his name.) The show is at Juke Bar in NYC on 2nd ave[...]

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Make Sure your Kickstarter project isn’t Bullsh*t.


If you are an artists, the thought of enlisting the world’s help in paying for your arty farty ideas is impossible to quell. You have no choice.  at some point you are going to think” Hey, maybe Kickstarter can help.”  And maybe you would be right?  But if you are[...]

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The End of Graphic Novel Class

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I had a great time at my graphic class at SVA.  The goal was to finish an eight page mini comic by then of class and with a lot of pushing I finally did it.  The thing that I liked the most about the class was seeing all the different[...]

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Mandatory Art Sunday

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I am taking a class in making a graphic novel and right now I am down to the wire.  My solution?  Take this sunday and work straight through for twelve or so hours and GET – IT DONW.   I wil have to reach out to my friends to come[...]

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The Poetic Fate of a Craigslist Date


I went on a Craigslist date! Let me be more clear. I was trolling through new indie movies on Netflix and I happened upon the movie Craigslist Joe. I streamed it and it made me think that maybe there was something to meeting someone on Craigslist. I posted an ad[...]

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New Video and Keith and The Girl Standup Contest


So, there is this podcast called Keith and The Girl which is full of good times and is hosted by Keith Malley and Chemda Khalili. This year, they decided to invite a crapload of comedians to perform two minutes of standup themed around Keith and The Girl.  Performers included Myq[...]

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Paper Fashion


I shot a video this weekend where I had to make paper outfits.  I used newspaper and incorporated it into existing tops and then made an original all paper skirt.  I did the black outfit entirely, and in the white outfit you can see my work on the shirt and Mikilena, the[...]

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A Woman I Met Recently Blew My Mind

I was a t a party a few days ago.  It was a Christmas dinner thing hosted by the happiest gay Korean accountant that I have ever met. When I am at a gathering where I don’t Know everyone very well I tend to strike up conversations with couples. I[...]

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