Tell me about Realm of LARP. (FAQ)

What is Realm of LARP?

Realm of LARP is a documentary series centered on a party of five gaming enthusiasts going through a live actionrole-playing adventure. Like Dungeons and Dragons, but players won’t be sitting at a gaming table… They wield (plastic) swords, don (cardboard or rubber) armor and stand toe to toe against the most dangerous (costumed) beasts that have ever populated mythology.

How can I see Realm of LARP?

Realm of LARP will be premiering on the Nerdist Channel on YouTube during June 2012. Gio subscribe!

WHAAAAT! I want to see it now!!?

That’s not a question. Are you from the press?  We would  be happy to provide online screeners for you earlier than the public if you promise to write about us.  Good or bad, we just want people to know about it.

This isn’t a very comprehensive FAQ.

Also not a question.  If you do have some actual questions, please ask away and then watch the FAQ grow.

How does a LARP work?

Many people arrive at a campground. TheGame Master gives players information about what’s happening in the story and players role-play their parts as party members.For example:

The Game Master might tell the players that a powerful vampire has been terrorizing the village. The players, based on their characters’ skills and abilities, decide how to find and attack the vampire, perhaps questioning villagers… perhaps getting their answers by force, until they ultimately find theirway to the vampire and face off with the beast.


  1. Felipe Sparks - June 16, 2012 1:44 am

    Will you be adding character/actor bios to the FAQ?

    • creator - June 18, 2012 1:29 pm

      Indeed we will. Check back in about a week.

  2. Sepsis - June 18, 2012 10:44 pm

    What is the game system your using??? This is unclear, many of us gamers want to check the rules and see what world you are living in. Please dont say this is a system made up by you guys recently…please not again..


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