BARRINGTONChristian Gebhart

Always swift to step in and right any wrong that he sees- Barrington is a Knight formerly under service of the twisted King Randolph. Once a strong and fair king, His Majesty’s greed and cruelty grew insatiable and Barrington knew he had no other choice than to leave Randolph’s kingdom.

With the King’s ever destructive rule and the secret of innocent blood on his hands, the loyal Knight uncommonly left his rule to seek his own way in the world. “All that it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

QUOTE: “If only I could trust men as much as I trust my blade.”

WEAPONS: Bastard sword and shield.

SECRET: Barrington was ordered to kill a “criminal” known to be innocent by the King.


TUCK Myka Fox

Woodland elves have always been known for mischief and Tuck is no exception. She’s been told that her wit is half as sharp as her sword. Tuck has yet to figure out if that’s a compliment. Relying on luck to get through life, she has amazingly survived.


QUOTE: “Of course it will probably work!”

WEAPONS: Longbow and sword.

SECRET: Tuck can’t read. It’s a sensitive subject.



DUBACH Jarad Hillman

No man is an island, but most of Dubach’s life has been as solitary. The study of mystic-arts and swordplay was Dubach’s rising and setting sun, battling his naivete with street smarts.

Through his discipline, he became more conscious about the mysteries and vast variety of life and became driven to seek out the answers. Against his master’s wishes, Dubach ventured out into the world with a mind to experience everything that he could.

A virtuous fighter, his heart is always in the right place. So is his weapon when the time comes.

QUOTE: “The things one can do when they put their mind to it!”

WEAPONS: Dual long-swords.

SECRET: Dubach is a wanted man. His masters seek to bring him back.




To see between the cracks, to know how the world truly fits together can be a terrible thing…

Knowledge has given Crimson great power and perhaps an even greater insanity. Her mind battles on the edge. She sees people around her as precious one moment, expendable the next. Whether right or wrong, she must “make all the pieces fit.” They have called her a witch. They weren’t far off.

QUOTE – “There’s ALWAYS someone behind you.”

WEAPONS – Staff.

SECRET – Crimson’s thirst is for revenge. No matter how petty or small the crime, you will catch her evil eye as she seeks to destroy you. Forgiveness is not an option.



STEVEDrew Luckenbach

A Half-Ogre that dreams of being all human, Steve is an uncharacteristically friendly ogre. Oh, yes, he could pull your arms off, but that would go against his assimilation in society. Living among men in a human’s world is a double-edge sword for Steve. The joy it brings him is coupled with envy, a drop of self loathing, and a pinch of hatred for those that have what he can’t. Of course he’d never admit it. (And you are correct. His birth name was not Steve…)

QUOTE: “Cleanliness is next to dogliness… or something like that.”

WEAPONS: A club.

SECRET: Steve has no family.