Realm of LARP, the epic-fantasy documentary series following five gaming enthusiasts through a live action role-playing adventure comparable to Dungeons and Dragons. However players aren’t sitting at a gaming table… They meet face to face in the forrest and wield (plastic) swords, don (cardboard or rubber) armor and stand toe-to-toe against the most dangerous (costumed) beasts that have ever populated mythology.

Players gather at a designated spot, usually a campground. The Game Master sets the scene, providing the players with information about the current state and story of the realm. Then the players, having gathered the given information, begin the game- playing out their parts as their designated roles.

For example:

The Game Master might tell the players that a powerful vampire has been terrorizing the village. The players, based on their characters’ skills and abilities, decide how to find and attack the vampire, perhaps questioning villagers… perhaps getting their answers by force, until they ultimately they find their way to the vampire and face-off with the beast.

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